THE POWER OF WRITTEN WORDS I understand the real power of words and the importance of sharing your message by writing a book when people who are champions in their own  spheres want to meet you, get an autographed copy and even have a  picture with you...I had hoped that my book would become a best seller as any author, but now I already feel like one,indeed a little celebrity!!! What with these incredible ladies coming from different parts of the world and honouring me with their visits!  Each of the ladies in the pictures have beautiful serendipitious stories to tell about how they reached the book which leaves me in absolute awe...  Three decades as a physician has been immensely gratifying,but the reach and validation you get by sharing your knowledge through a book is above all that you can do on a one to one basis. I would exhort all of you who have  a message or skill to share with the world to make it into a book..Your Life purpose will be served much easily than any other fea

Khel ke Saathi

 WARNING :LONG POST BUT COULD NOT REFRAIN FROM POURING MY HEART OUT... ANOTHER SHOW OFF PERHAPS BUT CANT HELP IT...SORRRRRY GUYSSS... When your heart is full,words fail goes the  age old saying.I find myself living the adage,sitting with the key board at my fingertips and holding a pack of cashew nuts and a bottle of the choicest of honeys,staring at them with tear filled eyes and at the two snaps I made my assistant click of me and my childhood buddy Tresa Poulose when she visited me at my apartment 2 days back after a gap of around 40 years clutching a copy of my book The Kintsugi Moms and with eyes that were brimming with unshed tears. Receiving the packet of cashews and Honey...I was reminded of the story of Kuchela visiting Krishna with a pack of puffed rice.It was the priceless gift from a childhood buddy...cannot be estimated in terms of money.. The unconditional love behind the gift is nothing that can be measured with any tool under the sun...How I wish I had the prowess to gr

Multiple Sclerosis & Homoeopathy

 Multiple Sclerosis? Homoeopathy? Really?!!! The most devastating catastrophe of the millennium has struck us like never and Covid 19 has disrupted the very foundation and structure of our lives.But every cloud has a silver lining. For me Covid 19 outbreak has forcefully made my institution to convert into online mode,Hospital taken over by the Government as CFLTC,leaving me with a lot of free time to pursue many long cherished dreams,writing being one of them. I could finally ekk out enough time for literary work,a dream which never materialized in the past twenty years ,what with having to cater to my administrative and clinical duties as the Principal and CMO of our hospital and Pharmacy school.I completed one book in 2020,gone for publishing.I was on my next project compiling the healing stories of patients of my mentor and Guru in Homoeopathy,Dr.Ajay Kumar Babu,a little tribute I wish to give him for all the knowledge he has imparted in the last 28 years . I am not a Vivekananda,

A Homoeopath's tryst with Covid 19

 A Homoeopath's Tryst with Covid 19. This post is simply to substantiate the undeniable truth and workings of the Universe,of which we healers have many encounters but this last one,I thought I need to share before it loses its freshness.This is to inspire each and every worker in the healing business to continue doing what they do,even if it feels thankless and fruitless at times. Treatment of Covid Cases with Homoeopathic drugs was prohibited by the State Government but our relentless fight with the state and Central Governments and the case we gave at the Supreme Court on behalf of my institution had finally come to fruition.Homoeopaths got the right  to treat Covid cases as per the judgment of the Honble Supreme Court  of India. We have been fortunate to distribute preventive medicines to a large number of people. We have also been treating positive cases with remarkable speed in recovery.But till date,I didn’t feel it necessary to publish our work or rant about the success sto

The perks of being in a profession you love

 THE PERKS OF BEING IN A PROFESSION YOU LOVE Every physician who is ordained by Almighty to impart healing to ailing humanity will have a few cases which touches his/her heart and remains etched in the memory till eternity. I am no different and though in the past twenty  seven years ,thousands of patients have entered our consulting room and have had varied levels of satisfaction, there are a few which sometimes bring tears to the physicians eyes. I wish to share the case of a fifteen year old boy who entered our consulting room, carried by his two brothers , with shaven head and a big scar on the scalp, the tell tale mark of a previous surgery and of course,alopecia post chemotherapy.It was an obvious case of brain tumor.He was very carefully placed on the patient stool supported by his two brothers so that he doesn't fall off. I am used to seeing patients in all age groups and almost all varieties of the dreaded disease in my never ending learning school with my mentor and Guru

Homoeopathy & Anaphylaxis

 Anaphylaxis and Homoeopathy? Even I would raise my eyebrows and think twice before handling a case of anaphylaxis with Homoeopathic medicines. I am a Homoeopathic physician with no bias,and fanatic adherence to the system of medicine I practice for the last 28 years.In each and every case,I have been trained by my mentor Dr.Ajay Kumar Babu to act in the best interest of the patient and never succumb to narrow ego games.Every system of medicine has its own advantages and limitations and as a physician it is your inescapable duty to advise the patient for the best outcome of his disease.You don’t play with lives.So anaphylactic shock is one case we never try to play with and immediately refer the patient to an allopathic care.(Well,anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction to any substance which needs immediate care which will otherwise lead to unconsciousness and death).The patient has to be put in emergency vasoconstricting drugs, antihistamines or steroids to prevent shock and immedi

Tryst with destiny-A near death experience

 A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE We were seeing at least 200 patients in our rural clinic those days. Naturally, by evening, everyone was completely drained of their energies. So we physicians decided to freak out in the evening at a nearby chicken outlet with its famous fancy chicken fry and chappathis.We were all famished and scampered to get a piece of the delicious dish and I succeeded in procuring one.The fun and frolic of the evening had just started when suddenly,I felt a  sharp pain like lightning in my throat a piece of bone had fot stuck somewhere inside my throat. I tried to catch people’s attention above all that noise in that dingy restaurant. In what seemed like a lifetime, someone suddenly took notice of me. Amongst the shocked faces, the first one to jump to action was my junior physician. She forced me to drink a glass of water. The waiter panicked and gave me a banana which I gulped despite the agonising pain. My eyes welled up and my bladder burst. I had wet myself and all o